Far too often, when I’m struggling, my last resort is to pray. Today, I’m working on making prayer my first resort. Self likes to fix things and not bother my Creator with little things. Didn’t God create the universe? Doesn’t He own everything He created? The only thing He doesn’t own is my love. That is what He desires. Through Him is where self-esteem/self-worth arrives and drives….

Praying is the most powerful weapon against self. Prayer is a handshake with Divine Mercy. He makes Himself available to us through prayer. Humm, being available??? What an amazing privilege of grace. I feel prayer is just talking/listening with a quiet soul. Only through prayer is my spiritual intimacy increased. I feel in my soul that He likes spending time with me, as I do with Him.

How often I forget, every time I turn it over/lay it down to God, He always takes care of my struggling situation in a way that exceeds my expectations…every single time.

It’s a good day to have a good day.

Thank you Clay

Thank you Clay