One Two Three

I could see God at work in the lives of others around the tables, and I knew that I was powerless over my fears, but God was not. It was such a relief to be able to be fully honest for the first time in my life. I was accepted, I was encouraged, and I was no longer controlled by my fears. I discovered that fear is the absence of faith…. faith in a power greater than me and greater than my disease. I was being led and life was changing – for the better. I was capable of living fearless. I was capable of living in faith and I was capable of changing, both emotionally and spiritually. The Spiritual Principles led me to understand what I know now as behavior models. I learned to do the opposite of old negative behaviors and to concentrate on behaviors that have good results. Hope, honesty, and faith were the first three Principles I learned to embrace. A.A. gave me the hope I needed. Honesty told me I could change and my faith has continued to grow beyond my wildest dreams.

Photo courtesy of AINV
Photo courtesy of AINV


2 thoughts on “One Two Three

  1. My God of my understanding comes with infinite surprises and infinite possibilities.
    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. When I actually began to do what you showed me you did, my life began to change.
    As I continued this I found I could get good results on a regular bass by doing as you suggested you did.
    Eventually, unknowingly, I started to count on it.
    I began to rely upon it.
    And thus faith was born, through right action.
    Slowly, gradually. Immutably.
    Grateful for the Gift

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