When I was new to the Program I heard many words, phrases and thoughts of others. When I started to read the Big Book, it took me a while to comprehend what was being said, and then later, how that related to recovery. Then there were all those conversations before and after the meetings. I wanted to hear, and I wanted to know how the words related to recovery from alcoholism. At first, it was all a mystery to me. When I was with a group of members, I would listen closely to the words being said, and then later I would ponder on those words and how they meant something to others. I don’t agree with the idea that newcomers should take the cotton out of their ears and put it in their mouths. Newcomers may not have a clear understanding of the Program, but expressing how they feel is important for them, and a reminder to those present of what it was like then, and how it is now. Listening is important and when we’re talking we can’t hear very well.