Who Is To Blame

Looking, admitting and accepting is not something I do naturally. Usually, it is a second thought; a taking responsibility for, after re-thinking a situation or event. When I reflect back on my actions I can see where I have not fully accepted the responsibility for the events in my life. This is true especially when those events have resulted in behaviors that affected others negatively. I want to blame others, and I am so deluded that I talk myself into believing that I have little to no responsibility for what has occurred. It’s someone else’s fault – and I can get a bad case of the “if only’s,” to justify my part, if I acknowledge that I have a part, at all. In my early years it always seemed easier to just blame others, than it was to accept responsibility. Through the process of recovery I have learned what is mine and what is not mine, when it comes to being responsible. Just for today, I am free of justification.


2 thoughts on “Who Is To Blame

  1. Thank you for the reminder to take responsibility for the events in my life. I will keep that in my my mind today as i have a very long “do list” to do today. And its my responsibility to get it done. And if it cant get it all done today will put it on my “do list ” for tomorrow.Procrastinaton and lack of discipline is two of my defects of charachter that need constant work on. I ask for G-ds help in helping me with the wisdom in prioritizing wht needs to be done, not what i think needs to be done. Because i always choose the easier softer way. Beautiful day here in South Florida. Thank you G-d!! And all of you here at This 24.Love, Tree

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