Trust In God

Asking for what I need takes thought, honesty, patience, integrity, and a big dose of humility. I no longer pray for money or material gain. Having been in the Program for a while now I know that prayers should be for the benefit of others health and well-being. I don’t pray so much as I “talk” to God. I try to let God know how I’m doing, and that I still have a desire to be a sober member of A.A. who strives to be of service to others and to the Fellowship. I ask for blessings for the sick and afflicted, I ask for comfort for those who are troubled. I pray for the children, and the needy. I ask for the forgiveness of my sins. I thank the God of my understanding for all my many blessings. I express my gratitude for my sobriety and the life of recovery I live today. I pray for my family and my friends, that they may find peace and comfort in God. Sitting quietly in commune with the God of my understanding results in a calmness that no drug or alcohol ever gave me. I am at peace with God, I am at one with God and I am forever and eternally grateful to God for what He has bestowed on me.

Photo courtesy of Maggs
Photo courtesy of Maggs

7 thoughts on “Trust In God

  1. What does AA stand for?
    Adjusted attitude?
    May I always have an attitude of gratitude!

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

    • Sometimes I think I ought to “get a life”.
      Sometimes I question if what I am doing amounts to a whit.
      I sometimes feel I am not getting enough feedback, acknowledgment or encouragement which I deserve.
      Even though lots of times I am lauded to high heaven it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

      So what am I to do about all this?
      The first thing is to understand what is going on and recognize my egocentric self-centeredness which even now after a long while pursuing this spiritual pathway still lingers.

      The answer my friend is not “Blowing in the Wind”!
      The answer my friend is coupling desire and willingness and being closer to the Cosmic Christ as I stare at deaths door.

      I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. The beauty of the sky and of all nature makes a proper Altar for the worship of the infinite. This is God’s world; and when you know the master of this universe,he will show you all his wonders. Feel yourself one with the universe, one with all nationalities, one with God. Namaste, Tree

  3. Top of the afternoon family,
    My trust in Divine Mercy is always proportional to my commitment to Him.

    It’s a good afternoon to have a good afternoon.

  4. I find that as I dwell in the quiet I lose me; what is left is Him.
    A time for me to listen with my heart…
    Grateful for the Gift

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