I trust God, in many ways. It took me a little while to learn to wait for God’s reply to my prayers, and I had to be on the lookout for the answers, as sometimes they were not exactly what I had been expecting. I heard someone say, or read somewhere, that there are three answers to prayers: yes, no, and wait. First I had to learn how to pray, then I had to learn what to pray for, and lastly I had to learn to Let Go and Let God. I was so used to using prayer as an attempt at getting whatever it was I wanted, at the moment. I found that prayers for others should come first, not prayers for my own selfish self. Then I had to learn to let go of whatever I was praying for and have faith that God will answer my prayer in His good time, not necessarily my time, nor would it be exactly as I expected. I often need to check my motives in prayer; is my prayers for the benefit of others or has my selfish ego once again tried to rule my life?