When my mind wanders, as it will, I remind myself to practice breathing, to focus on that simple action can bring my mind back to what I hope is a form of meditation.   I listen to the air as I breathe in, and again when I blow the air out – it sounds simple but it does help me to clear my mind, that I might then receive any message that God wants me to receive.  Sometimes I feel a surety about a question or a direction I was contemplating, sometimes I don’t.  There is nothing magical about meditating, it’s simply opening myself to the possibility of  understanding the path that God wants me to take.  It is always the “higher road” when it comes to my behavior.  The simple act of meditating is refreshing, relaxing, and leaves me feeling at peace with myself and with my God.  When the weather permits I prefer to meditate outdoors, as I enjoy the quietness, and the fresh air.  I quite often visualize myself high on a mountain top, or at the seaside – I find both of these to be calming and soothing.  I feel safe, comforted, blessed, and loved in God’s good hands – He is always there for me.