Mind Over Matter

When my mind wanders, as it will, I remind myself to practice breathing, to focus on that simple action can bring my mind back to what I hope is a form of meditation.   I listen to the air as I breathe in, and again when I blow the air out – it sounds simple but it does help me to clear my mind, that I might then receive any message that God wants me to receive.  Sometimes I feel a surety about a question or a direction I was contemplating, sometimes I don’t.  There is nothing magical about meditating, it’s simply opening myself to the possibility of  understanding the path that God wants me to take.  It is always the “higher road” when it comes to my behavior.  The simple act of meditating is refreshing, relaxing, and leaves me feeling at peace with myself and with my God.  When the weather permits I prefer to meditate outdoors, as I enjoy the quietness, and the fresh air.  I quite often visualize myself high on a mountain top, or at the seaside – I find both of these to be calming and soothing.  I feel safe, comforted, blessed, and loved in God’s good hands – He is always there for me.


8 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter

  1. Meditation; what’s that?

    So I began the journey of meditation and it continues. One of the first instructions I received was meditating on my breathing with the action of feeling that I was breathing in “the good” and breathing out “the bad”. This is a physiologically correct analysis of the process of respiration with good air coming in and the metabolized “poor air” being exhaled.
    So I started doing this and it must have along with many other spiritual practices had its desired effect of bringing me closer to God.

    Another powerful way of meditation was and is THOUGHTFUL reading of our daily reflections book distributed by Hazelden and known as Twenty-Four Hours a Day. It has been a stalwart of my recovery ever since I obtained a copy in early 1987.

    The first part of this daily reading instructs us about our alcoholism.
    The second part leads towards an overhauling of our belief systems.
    The third part closes with a prayer.

    What a wonderful way to start our “one day at a time” program.

    Here’s a sample of today’s reading:

    Meditation for the Day

    I believe that life is a school in which I must learn spiritual things. I must trust in God and He will teach me. I must listen to God and He will speak through my mind. I must commune with Him in spite of all opposition and every obstacle. There will be days when I will hear no voice in my mind and when there will come no intimate heart to heart communion. But if I persist, and make a life habit of schooling myself in spiritual things, God will reveal Himself to me in many ways.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. …I found that as I sat in stillness, my heart could find me…and eventually I found myself…I recovered that which was seemingly lost…
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. Top of the morning family,
    Yes-God is always with me.
    We don’t get to choose God
    He chooses us.

    His word comes in / out of hearts.
    When I witness to those testifying: I’m spiritually inhaling.
    When I testifying / sharing His hand in my life: I’m spiritually exhaling.

    Today freedom is acheived when I commit / advance my fears.

    It’s a good day to have a good day. God is with us.

  4. Its a beautiful day today. As always, thanks for everyones shares. I always learn something or able to relate. There is no magic in meditation it just takes practice. This weekend was a bit stressful for me and my sciatica was acting up and realized after todays reading that i was not spending enough quiet meditation time. “Twenty four hours” by Hazelden is also one of my daily readings.I also have to start incorporating more yoga in my daily activities to heal the body and release stress. Fear is also a danger zone. Instead of trying to run away from fear, I need to turn whatever i am afraid over to my HP. To help me face the fear. At one time it was turning to alcohol, untill it stopped working or the fear came back multiplied. Today i have had the time to catch up on my reading and just relax. Greatful for the serenity. Love to all and whoever is into football enjoy the Superbowl! Tree

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