There are many “solutions” when it comes to recovery.  That’s what we learn in meetings, and when we read the Big Book.  There is a solution and it’s called A.A.
It’s a program of action, and it’s a program of “suggestions.”  By suggestions I have found that there are several that can also be defined as “musts.”  If you want sobriety – you must not drink.  If you want recovery, you must accept a Higher Power.  If you want to turn your life around you must accept that it takes working the Program.  The Twelve Steps must be worked, if you want peace, and serenity.  You must strive toward the Spiritual Principles as guides to right thinking and doing, if you want to turn your life around.  Living in the moment, living in the Program, and living by the Steps, Principles and having faith in God, faith in the Program and above all else faith in ourselves – these are the guidelines to live by.  Trust in God, He will guide us when we let Him.  Listen for that still, soft voice within, it’s God trying to get our attention – to tell us that there is a better way to live, it’s called recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.