There are two parts of Step Two, first there is the belief in a power greater than alcoholism, and secondly, there is the promise of being restored to a place of sanity.  Step Two assumes that our lives were insane – at first I objected to the use of that word.  But when I started working the Steps, it became very evident to me that my life had been one of chaos, disorder, confusion, and a downright mess most of the time.  I was constantly changing where I lived, where I worked, partners, and trying to rearrange my life to fit someone else’s idea of “rightness.”  Everywhere I went, chaos followed.  Everything I tried, I failed at – quite often through sabotaging myself.  Everything I believed in turned out to be a false impression, based on my ego not on the spiritual.  My insanity ran deep, and it got worse as time passed.  In the Program I have found that I am not unique, nor am I insane – but I do have a disease that tells me I don’t have a disease.  Comparing my insides to the outsides of others always found me lacking in some area or another.  I was not smart enough, pretty enough, nor did I ever have enough money.  Life was such a challenge.