The Word God….

My relationship with God has changed over time – and that still amazes me.  I did not come to the tables believing in God’s power, I came with a heart full of doubt and distrust. As I continued to sit in the rooms of A.A., I found that my belief was being restored.  Every story I heard, every share I listened to brought me one step closer to forming my own concept of a Higher Power.   Open-mindedness was the key for me to having faith in a Higher Power,  The fact that a roomful of alcoholics, who were now sober, was a strong indicator of the power of the spiritual.  I wanted what others had, and many had a faith in a God of their understanding, in addition to having the blessing of the Program.  I came to know this as one of the basics of recovery.  It proved to be a double whammy to my disease.  It helped me to form a visual picture of what my HP looked like, after all God became my Higher Power, my spiritual mentor, and my lifetime protector.  I found that I could not only attribute my emotions to Him, but my actions were also based more on the Higher Path that God represented.

Photo courtesy of MAGGS
Photo courtesy of MAGGS


4 thoughts on “The Word God….

  1. So after I started going to meetings, I tried doing some of the things you suggested I do, but:
    I didn’t get a sponsor.
    I didn’t read the Big Book.
    I didn’t do the Steps.
    I didn’t do any service.
    I didn’t pray.
    I did come to meetings, didn’t drink and listened.
    After a while. Stayed after a meeting and talked to some of you; I even read some of the Book and I started thinking about Step 1.
    I began to do a few of the things, only in my mind, that you suggested.
    My life, sober began to change a wee bit.
    Eventually I found as I actually started to do the things you showed me worked for you, I began to get the results you got.
    As I did all the things I hadn’t yet done I got even better results; I found that I could rely upon it.
    This reliance became Faith, in a Power Greater than Myself.
    In the way back of the Book, in the Appendices, I learned that for most of us, this was the essence of our spiritual experience, and that our more religious members called it God.
    Works for me.
    Grateful for the Gift

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