Recovery, for me, brought about immeasurable changes in my life: physically, spiritually, and mentally.  I no longer fear social situations, for the most part.  I have been able to overcome my uneasiness, and my feelings of being “less than” have diminished to a point of being comfortable in groups of varying types.  During my time here… I have found the courage to go to civil gatherings such as live theater productions, and many fine restaurants – all without drinking. I have truly been blessed when it comes to friends and fun in the Program!!!


3 thoughts on “Recovery

    • Grapevine Quote

      February 11
      “From the moment I pulled open the doors to my very first meeting, I felt something different, something good was going to happen. Those doors, which at the time I believed to be the heaviest ever made, allowed me to walk into a new way of life.”
      New York, N.Y., January 2006
      “Attitude Adjustment,”
      Beginner’s Book: Getting and Staying Sober in AAYou willReview of

      • Grapevine Quote

        February 12
        “Clearly, the chief mark of restoration to sanity is our not taking the first drink.”
        March 1981
        Step By Step

        Harry, grateful alcoholic.

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