It’s not easy to sit still, to empty my mind of all the “stuff” that fills it.  When it comes to meditating I try to set myself up by turning off my phone and TV, and focusing solely on thoughts of God, and my blessed life in recovery.  I start with a prayer and try to concentrate on my immediate physical environment – the noises I hear, the sensation of rain, wind, warmth, whatever the weather is.  I may read from a recovery book, first and then meditate.  Sometimes I focus on breathing.  I try to remember to keep returning my thoughts to God, when my mind wanders, time and again.  It takes a little practice, but the more I meditate the easier it becomes.  I have adjusted to living a quieter life than I did before coming to the Program.  I enjoy my time alone but also value my friendships today.  Much in life is hectic and chaotic, so I appreciate those times when a dose of quiet is just what the doctor ordered, and because I am in recovery I can benefit from those times with a calm demeanor and a quiet mind.  Life continues to bless me as well as challenge me.  I need both of those in my life to have  a good sense of balance, and I do!