In Micronesian, there’s a word, kukaro, which has no corresponding word in English. When people say they are going to kukaro, they mean they are going to relax, sit around, and hang out. They are being, not doing.
–Eli and Beth Halpern
As children, our best times are often trips to an amusement park, fishing at the lake, camping, or just sitting idly under a tree. These make the best memories, and times sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows or having a root beer after a family outing seem to bring out the love we share. We don’t seem to be accomplishing anything at these times. No chores are getting done around the house, no schoolwork, no repairs, and no moneymaking. But these times of peace, relaxation, and a sense of endless time of being, not doing, may be essential to our ability to get other things done later. Certainly we are most receptive to our feelings, new ideas, and unplanned adventures at these moments. Maybe we should add kukaro to our vocabulary. What timeless thing can I do today?


6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. A great ending question…I can go into quiet contemplation, becoming aware of His presence, releasing thought and joining with moment’s mystery, into the wholeness.
    Grateful for the Gift

  2. Taking some time for myself. Taking time without using too many distractions that are around me. Distractions like TV television, the internet, the news.

  3. What a great word and concept that i need to incorporate it in my life. I am still worried about finding a job that will pay all my bills. But worrying does not help. I have to take one day at a time. Here is where I have to put steps 1,2 and 3 in motion and have faith in my loving and merciful HP. Sobriety should be my main goal and G-d will take care of the rest as long as i do the leg work. But being anxious is a wasted emotion. Happy Friday to all and have a relaxed weekend
    Love, Tree

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