Active addiction creates total chaos in our lives.  Even in early recovery, when drinking has ended, chaos still reigns.  Living an ordinary life does not come easily when for years we’ve lived otherwise.  That’s the bad news:  order doesn’t return automatically. The good news is that order will return and chaos will end with time and effort.  One answer to the first question, “Where do I start?” is “First you make your bed.”  Literally and figuratively, this is a good place to start.  We may not straighten out the whole room, let alone the whole house, but at least the habit of making the bed is the beginning of some kind of order.  Something is in place.  The rest will follow. We can start small and build.  With time, effort, patience, and the help of our Higher Power, who guides us as we grow in confidence, order will return.We’ve already seen it starting to happen. Today help me bring order to my life. Help me be patient with this process.