There is a different way to live and there is a different life available to all who have the desire to stop drinking.  It has turned my life around, and gives me hope for continued sobriety and peace.  I think it’s a good thing to have those in the medical field come to the meetings, I believe they will be in a better position to treat those who need help, when they are educated as to the benefits of being a member of A.A.  They can direct their patients to a way of living that has a proven record of helping others to abstain from alcohol.  I know that any time I attend a meeting I represent A.A., and any time I claim sobriety through A.A., I claim the Program to be the one right course of action that has brought about the changes I see in my life.  I have enough serenity today to accept life on life’s terms.  I have the courage to change what needs to be changed, and there is much requiring change.  I have the wisdom to know that the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous is the one true program that has continued to work for all who seek help.  For all that I have received I remain truly grateful, and humbled beyond measure.