I certainly know about the hard times, the bad times and those times of doubt, fear, and anxiety.  In recovery I am learning to accept the good times, instead of waiting for that “other shoe” to drop.  I used to expect bad stuff to happen to me – and while I know it still does – I also know that it is quite often offset by good events and happenings.  I can easily see my growth when I compare my “now” with my “then.”  Recovery is something that has to be worked for, it does not occur through some magic or mystical means.  It does require effort, work, and being willing to claim my seat at the tables, again and again.  God works in mysterious ways – heard that one quite often.  While it’s true that I may not understand God’s intentions or His purpose for me, that’s not my job, it is my job to suit up and show up to my recovery.  It is also my job to continue to put one foot in front of the other, and do the next right thing whenever I have doubts.  I am reminded to do what is mine to do and leave the rest in God’s loving, caring and hard-working hands.