Knowing what I need to do and doing it are two separate things.  I came to the rooms of A.A. knowing full well that I had a problem with alcohol, and accepting A.A. as a solution to this problem, has allowed me to grow, change and become an achiever of true sobriety, one Step at a time.  It’s all in the “Big Book.”  I was told, early on, not to let doubt define my life – that through recovery all things and anything is possible.  God has always been there for me, in my darkest hours, and in my happiest times.  Today I have good, solid friends who share my recovery – women who have been there and done that, all with a strong desire to stay sober.  Honesty is the first Spiritual Principle, that tells me how important this behavior is.  I no longer have to lie, I no longer have to cheat, and I no longer have to steal – I am rid of those negative behaviors.  Today my focus is on truth, honesty, and integrity, that’s a pretty deadly combo of Spiritual Principles.  In the Program I was taught to use whatever I can, based on the Big Book “suggestions,” the principle of honesty, and a plan of daily living through the Steps and Principles.