Its True

Knowing what I need to do and doing it are two separate things.  I came to the rooms of A.A. knowing full well that I had a problem with alcohol, and accepting A.A. as a solution to this problem, has allowed me to grow, change and become an achiever of true sobriety, one Step at a time.  It’s all in the “Big Book.”  I was told, early on, not to let doubt define my life – that through recovery all things and anything is possible.  God has always been there for me, in my darkest hours, and in my happiest times.  Today I have good, solid friends who share my recovery – women who have been there and done that, all with a strong desire to stay sober.  Honesty is the first Spiritual Principle, that tells me how important this behavior is.  I no longer have to lie, I no longer have to cheat, and I no longer have to steal – I am rid of those negative behaviors.  Today my focus is on truth, honesty, and integrity, that’s a pretty deadly combo of Spiritual Principles.  In the Program I was taught to use whatever I can, based on the Big Book “suggestions,” the principle of honesty, and a plan of daily living through the Steps and Principles.


4 thoughts on “Its True

  1. For me, working the program means every day I establish conscious contact with my Higher Power. Since HP AIS in perpetual contact, it is helpful to be as conscious about it as much as I can. Rather as if I when am driving a car, it is useful to have my eyes open as much as I can….
    I find contemplative prayer useful in doing so, the one I composed today:

    Tender sweet moment, demanding nothing, complete in and of itself…meets our surrender into love’s full ripeness, silently, joyfully…
    Praying to feel the joy in which we are received
    Praying to let it shine from us as a beacon
    Praying for my beloved friends

    Grateful for the gift

  2. Lately i find myself in constant convetsation with my HP. I think of the verse; consider the llillies of the valley, how they grow. They can’t grow by being anxious and tense about growing. The plant grows by receptivity Earth and air and Sun. It learns how to take to receive. It keeps the channels of receptivity open and the Earth and the Sun do the rest. Without it life is a fight a fight from your own Center, with your own resources and the end is tense exhaustion, with my HP by my side, I fight the good fight of Faith with G-d at the center with his resources and the end is a triumphant exhilaration. You have enough and to spare for the next encounter. You are more than a conqueror you are conqueror who has conquered his own exhaustion with HP at the center of all that i do. Today i turn my life over to my HP as long as i do the footwork. TGIF to all! Love Tree

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