Quote is from “Voices of Recovery”  February 25th:  “The Blame Game”
“We realize the futility of continuing to blame others for our compulsive behaviors and our unmanageable lives.”
-The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of O.A., p. 46  (edited and adapted for content)
Ouch! This idea hits hard.  For many years I transferred blame for my uncontrolled behavior and unmanageable life to the villain of the day.  Depending on the situation that resulted in my abuse, the villain could be my parents, sister, husband, children, employer, coworkers, friends, or enemies.  In other words, anyone or anything that stood between me and my desires, which could cause in me those excessive behaviors.  Today, I acknowledge that my compulsive behaviors are a choice not an outcome imposed on me by some external force.
I know today that my Higher Power will help me make reasonable choices about all aspects of my life, if I only ask.  Thanks to the presence of a Higher Power in my life, I am no longer at the mercy of multiple dictators.