Joy happens as we cease fighting everyone and everything and surrender to the good orderly direction of life.- Nancy Folsum
Living on the edge of depression and panic, we had little experience with joy.  Our hearts were worn and battle-scarred, utterly unfamiliar with the peace that joy can bring.
Days, and sometimes years into our recovery, we one day find ourselves sitting side by side with joy.  What a new feeling.  It’s solid, it’s peaceful.  It has nothing to do with where we’re sitting or standing.  It has nothing to do with what’s going on outside us, or with who said what to whom.  It is a feeling too happy to be true, and joy is the only word that pops into our head to describe it.
Joy is the gravy of recovery, and it is beyond measure.  Now that we are living in a healthy and life-filled way, there’s always a chance that joy will find it’s way into our day.  In this knowledge we rejoice.
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  1. It was there all the time and I didn’t even know it, blocked off by selfishness and self-centeredness and totally blocked by my alcoholism.
    Harry, grateful alcoholic.

  2. So right, always there…but how to find it.
    In many places our literature suggests we pause, and seek His will.
    One way I have found to do so is to listen in meditation.

    Steadfast, ever present breath, reliably drawing us inward, kindling heart’s warmth…soft glow illumines the way, to the Divine within…
    Praying in presence
    Praying in abundance
    Praying in gratitude

    Grateful for the Gift

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