I can’t say that I was not a little concerned when faced with all the spiritual terms I heard at meetings, and also those I read in the A.A. literature.  When I was new to recovery,  just reading the Steps brought about those feelings of unease, initially.  The word “God” is part of the Steps, and can be found in Steps 3, 5, 6, and 11.  In Step 2 the term “a Power greater than ourselves,” is used.  I knew that those sober alcoholics present in any meeting had “come to believe.”  And they credited not just the Program, but what was to become the foundation of my recovery, a “Higher Power.”  This “power,” greater than any individual power, was the combined effort of those present who had faith that God would and could help them to overcome this terminal disease of alcoholism.  I came to believe in this “power” and choose to call mine “God.”  It has worked in the lives of so many, and I could think of no reason why it would not work in my pitiful and incomprehensible life.  Surely, I could begin to have both faith and hope that I was capable of recovery.