What An Idea

I can’t say that I was not a little concerned when faced with all the spiritual terms I heard at meetings, and also those I read in the A.A. literature.  When I was new to recovery,  just reading the Steps brought about those feelings of unease, initially.  The word “God” is part of the Steps, and can be found in Steps 3, 5, 6, and 11.  In Step 2 the term “a Power greater than ourselves,” is used.  I knew that those sober alcoholics present in any meeting had “come to believe.”  And they credited not just the Program, but what was to become the foundation of my recovery, a “Higher Power.”  This “power,” greater than any individual power, was the combined effort of those present who had faith that God would and could help them to overcome this terminal disease of alcoholism.  I came to believe in this “power” and choose to call mine “God.”  It has worked in the lives of so many, and I could think of no reason why it would not work in my pitiful and incomprehensible life.  Surely, I could begin to have both faith and hope that I was capable of recovery.


10 thoughts on “What An Idea

  1. Grapevine Quote

    March 5
    “I still don’t have answers for all the eternal questions, like why bad things happen to good people, or why babies die. But I have found that life works better when I focus more on how I am contributing to God’s world than musing about what he is or is not doing in mine.”

    Is God at work here?

    The evidence is overwhelming.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. Thanks for the share and lead, I heard some one in aa say that he was led to the program of aa, and he found something in that first year that gave him a solution for his insane drinking. So he heard and witnessed from people the promises in bb but also solutions, one of them to stop drinking. That info registered with me, so I asked this HP who deep down inside me I knew it was a God for me to help me quit drinking. From then on I had the desire to get better. Not that I have not had many temptations, but I can ask this HP to help me, if I don’t know what is going on with my busy busy mind. So I am ever so grateful for this HP I choose to call God. I have seen many people in AA get a chance to live life on life’s terms. Without the insanity of drinking and more importantly self destruction. Physically and mentally.

  3. Through my HP I have learned love and tolerance in AA. I don’t know what after life brings. I have hopes but I don’t know. I can see the changes in myself and my fellows in AA. I often don’t understand others religious or nonreligious beliefs but I don’t have to. Their HP works for them. My spiritual program coupled with the church of my youth works for me.

  4. Staying in communion with my HP I choose to call G-d helps me with love and tolerance which is our code. It also gives me a life of serenity and joy. So why do i take back my will. It can only be called insanity. So i must stay in constant communion with G-d to help me stay out of the state of fear and live the serene life that G-d wants for me.
    PS was having a problem with my sign on which is why i had a double post yesterday and some days my post didnt go through. I think i have it resolved now.

    • Glad you got it resolved Tree. Thank you for your share. I’m learning to see that it’s not my will the hard way, Lol. I hope you’re doing well. Hugs

  5. It took me a couple of years of hanging out with you guys until I finally actually began to try and do what you suggested.
    I didn’t drink ‘cuz I don’t know why (miracle part?), but it took that long for my arrogant, fear-driven, denial- dwelling self to throw in the towel and surrender.
    Kinda like going to the gym thinking I would get fit just watching you guys exercise.
    When I started doing what you did I began to get what you got…ain’t that amazing?
    As they say, “now I am a pickle and can’t ever be a cucumber again”!
    Grateful for the Gift

  6. Top of the morning family,
    In early stepping into a new way of life, I knew deep inside that my life must change. My chalkboard of doing daily business had to be wiped clean. As children, we would call this a do-over. I replaced God in the steps for Love. I loved my Mom, I loved my Dad, I loved my family, but I couldn’t understand why I would always hurt them.
    Today, Love isn’t self-seeking. Love never keeps the score. Love doesn’t keep a black book/grudges. Love doesn’t do the easy wrong over the hard right. Love is multiplying not dividing.
    It is written: Trust in God with all your heart: and lean not on your own understanding.
    The other day, a young lady in my home group received her 1 year medallion. She simply shared: I don’t understand how this works; but it works.
    She testified and I witnessed!
    Give us this day, our daily manna.
    My misery, His mercy.
    It’s a good day to have a good day.

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