When I contemplate my recovery I can see where the Steps have been a guiding force, and the power of the Program, have both been an influencing factor in my life.  My surrender to my Higher Power took me to a place that’s been called a “leap of faith.”  I wanted sobriety and recovery and if this leap of faith helped others to achieve that goal, then there was a possibility that I too might also be given the grace of faith in a Higher Power.  I certainly had no place to go, and I desperately wanted what I saw others had – peace, acceptance, faith, and hope.  There really was no choice in the matter, God had led me to the right path. Today I work with the God of my understanding in the hope of achieving recovery from the deadly disease of alcoholism and all of it’s insanity and chaos. Today, I have found my faith. I have found my hope in the rooms of A.A., and I have found my power in the surrender of my will to God.  I pray to remain open and willing, at all times, and in all ways.