My Special Spirit

I came from a place of not having any sense of the spiritual.  When I came to the Program I began to grow spiritually, and it was a slow process, one that came to me over a period of time.  It took me saying to myself “Well, what have you got to lose?”  I had to ask myself to just try to remain open to different ideas, different concepts when it came to recovery.  I could see that it had worked for many, and I had to ask myself “Why not me?”  It took willingness and a whole lot of faith to accept living in the spiritual.  I began to pray, I began to believe in a Higher Power, I began to have faith in both the Program and in myself.  I am a child of God, and I hold Him to be my Higher Power.  I do not do these things, perfectly, but I do them and forgive myself for my humanity.  I believe I will continue to grow in both understanding and practice when it comes to the spiritual.  As long as I remain open and willing there will always be the possibility for growth and change.


9 thoughts on “My Special Spirit

  1. God is kind of like the growth hormone.
    When we are under its influence we grow.

    It’s often been said and I have often said I was sure that if I kept drinking and acting like I did I would certainly be dead.

    Today I celebrate my 85th birthday and I am happy, joyous and free.

    I have been under God’s sway for 30+ years now and I am happy, joyous and free.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

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