I sit here wondering about my past, and try to find the lessons life has taught me and made me who I am today.  I can say that the “me” of today is a far cry from the “me” of yesterday.  I have found that not everyone will be a friend, not everyone will treat me with compassion and love, and not everyone will have my best interest at heart. My attitude has improved and I’m no longer looking at what I can’t do – but what I can do in the way of passing on what has been given to me.  I thank God, literally for the gifts He has bestowed on me.  Yes, some of my lessons were very hard, but as I have learned in the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I do not have to continue on that downhill path. There is another way to live, another way to make use of those hard lessons of yesterday.  What I learn can be passed on to those who are coming up behind me. I am willing to share my experience, strength and hope with anyone and everyone.