I believe it is my purpose to stay sober and help others, to put it as simply as I can.  For me that means to be of service to others who are striving for sobriety.  There are many challenges in today’s world, I cannot work to solve all of them, I need to focus on what I can do, what area of living that I’m knowledgeable about.  Well I had no problem knowing about the dangers of drinking – I had lots of practice with that notion.  In recovery I have learned that I can be of some help to others who are like me, striving for sobriety and a life free from alcohol.  I have to Keep It Simple, or I get all twisted up trying to figure out what direction I’m going in. What is your purpose?


2 thoughts on “Purpose?

    • PS
      Grapevine Quote

      March 20
      “If you haven’t been to a meeting for a while, come, and add to the mix … we need you. Come for yourself, come for the Fellowship, come to celebrate sobriety, and come for the alcoholic who still suffers.”
      San Francisco, California, February 1993
      “Torn Asunder”
      AA Grapevine.

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