Thought For Today

Many of us, in trying to run away from our essential aloneness, have abused alcohol, work, drugs, food, money, and entertainment. In spite of our frantic activity, we have continued to feel “alone in a crowd,” “alone in our dreams,” and “lonely in our marriages.”
These experiences should prove we cannot successfully avoid coming to terms with our aloneness. The sooner we accept responsibility for our lives, the sooner we will stop inflicting unnecessary pain on ourselves.
In accepting our aloneness, we accept that no one can protect us from ourselves – and that no one can live our lives for us. “Aloneness” simply means that we cannot depend on others for our joy or sorrow. We are the authors of our actions, attitudes, and experiences and not the “victims” of fate or circumstance.
Today I will not be afraid of my aloneness. I will accept total responsibility for my attitudes, actions, or neglects. I will not seek unnecessary pain by relying on what others say or do to make me happy.


6 thoughts on “Thought For Today

  1. Everyone, yes EVERYONE has feelings of dysphoria now and then and loneliness or aloneness happens to be one of the most unpleasant and we as somehow marked to be alcoholic found the euphoric effects of alcohol to be a remarkable remedy which we then turned to more and more until more and more was never enough.

    The Birth of an Alcoholic.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

    • Grapevine Quote

      March 21
      “We are losing all fear of those violent emotional storms which sometimes cross our alcoholic world; perhaps it bespeaks our confidence that every storm will be followed by a calm; a calm which is more understanding, more compassionate, more tolerant than any we ever knew before.”
      AA Co-Founder, Bill W., August 1946
      “Who Is a Member of Alcoholics Anonymous?”
      The Language of the Heart

  2. I was alone first thing this morning then the cat cat scratches on the door purring precariously wanting to visit so I let her in. I called her silly cat while rubbing her back and proceeded here after pacifying her aloneness. Occasionally she whines wantingly and it reminds me we are all social creatures needing some physical attention or love if you will. I get my tank filled talking to God and reminding myself of where I was and where I am now. Thanks for being here folks

  3. What others think about me or say about me is none of my business. I value my alone time but I am no longer lonely.

  4. When I first entered AA I saw some signs and sayings, the one that stick in my mind was “easy does it” I thought boy nothing in my life is easy right now, but I kept hearing people through my toxic mind saying things that kind of made sense. I also noticed some people seemed to be less anxious than I was, usually the ones who had more sobriety than I had. So glad I can remember those days and glad I will be able to drive myself to a meeting tonight. Thank you for your shares, I have been occupied with visiting families. Blessings kt

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