A Day At A Time (24 hrs a day)

We’re all looking for the power to overcome drinking. A fellow comes into A.A. and his first question is: How do I get the strength to quit? At first, it seems to him that he will never get the necessary strength. He sees older members who have found the power he is looking for, but he doesn’t know the process by which they got it. This necessary strength comes in many ways. Have I found all the strength I need?


7 thoughts on “A Day At A Time (24 hrs a day)

  1. Meditation for the Day

    You cannot have a spiritual need that God cannot supply. Your fundamental need is a spiritual need, the need of power to live the good life. The best spiritual supply is received by you when you want it to pass on to other people. You get it largely by giving it away. God gives you strength as you pass it on to another person. That strength means increased health; increased health means more good work, and more good work means more people helped. And so it goes on, a constant supply to meet all spiritual needs.

    Prayer for the Day

    I pray that my every spiritual need will be supplied by God. I pray that I may use the power I receive to help others.– – Twenty-Four Hours a Day

    I went into a storefront AA meeting where I found this Jewel which has been a tremendous aid for me (one day at a time) ever since.
    The thought for the day tells me of my alcoholism and lots about me, identifying the problem.
    The second part or the meditation for the day underscores the SOLUTION.
    The Prayer speaks for itself.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. Top of the hump day morning family,
    RE: Strength.
    The world teaches us / encourages us to keep up the appearance of handling hand’ling it on one’s own power.
    The fellowship through witnesses / testifying reveals hope!
    – one mask at a time.
    – We discover that self will, self reliance, self sufficiency, and self strength always fail.
    As mentioned to me in early recovery, and I as well to less weller folks than me: I sought an alcosaurus after a meeting. I’m not getting this, This deal isn’t for me. I’m just not picking up what you all are putting down.
    – He asked me, how long have you not be drinking?
    * Over 3 weeks now.
    – Then for those 3 weeks or so, you haven’t had any problems systemic to drinking!
    The drive back home I felt the fellowship of the spirit. I had arrived. Moreover, on the drive back home, for the first time I noticed that liquor stores had beautiful neon signs.
    – It was Divine Mercy’s way of saying to me, “here’s your sign”!
    Our message is a divine message of Hope to the newcomer and a spiritual message to us!
    Give us this day, our daily manna
    my misery, His Mercy
    It’s a good day to have a good day.

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