I am no longer a failure – through the process of awareness, acceptance and action I have been able to make the needed changes in my life that allow me to live a life of recovery; rather than a life of grief, sadness, and complete demoralization. Whenever life challenges me today, I try to stop and take a good, hard look at myself. What actions have I committed that caused me to doubt myself? What old behaviors have reared their ugly heads? What is needed to correct this misstep? Is there something I need to do, is there some action I need to take? When problems arise it always seems to backtrack to me, my behavior, my actions, my attitude. Getting into some acceptance of the fact that my problems relate to me – is the first step to change and growth. The bottom line is my life problems relate to my behaviors in some fashion……….. and acceptance of that- is key.


9 thoughts on “Acceptance/Surrender

  1. I had a lot of difficulty with this idea of surrender to begin with and it seemed like an impossibility until I finally realized it was referring to surrender of my old way of living and being open to a new way of living.
    Thank you God.
    Thank you God of my understanding.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. Great post and shares. Thank you. Love always wins!! have a serene weekend. My family is coming over to celebrate my 60th belly button birthday so glad to be sober. Thank you G-d for your unconditional love. Tree

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