I have changed, and am still changing in many ways.  My emotions can still take me further up and down than I want to go, but the difference now is that I am aware of myself as someone capable of change, capable of growth and capable of understanding those very same emotional levels.  I can check myself. I have tools today.  I have the resources of the entire Program of Alcoholics Anonymous; I have a whole community of people who are experiencing similar changes, and I have a Higher Power, a God of my understanding.  All of these “essentials” are available to help me transition from being on a roller coaster to simply being on a path of gently rolling hills.  I also believe that if I have found some balance in my life, that the relationships I form will also have balance.  This is an ongoing process, and one that will continue for my lifetime.  I work towards practicing tolerance of others, and try to remain watchful of my expectations and motives.  Remaining true to myself is essential to this process, as I strive for balance in my recovery, and in my life.