I love the diversity of the members in A.A.  In any given meeting I am bound to hear someone speak about an issue that I am perhaps experiencing.  We learn from each other, I listen closely to those who have “walked through” problems and issues that I can relate to. In the Program we are blessed to have the Steps as a guide to resolving challenges to our recovery.  Most of us understand the basics of recovery through A.A. – go to meetings, work the Steps, get a sponsor, and find the God of your understanding.  I’ve heard it said that first we come, (we walk through the doors) then we come to (we begin to hear the words which are spoken), and finally we come to believe (in a Power greater than ourselves).  That’s basically known as Steps 1,2, and 3.   But don’t stop there Step 4 is a powerful and revealing Step to recovery and one that will set you free – free to be blessed with all who share this wonderful program.