Just Another Alcoholic

I love the diversity of the members in A.A.  In any given meeting I am bound to hear someone speak about an issue that I am perhaps experiencing.  We learn from each other, I listen closely to those who have “walked through” problems and issues that I can relate to. In the Program we are blessed to have the Steps as a guide to resolving challenges to our recovery.  Most of us understand the basics of recovery through A.A. – go to meetings, work the Steps, get a sponsor, and find the God of your understanding.  I’ve heard it said that first we come, (we walk through the doors) then we come to (we begin to hear the words which are spoken), and finally we come to believe (in a Power greater than ourselves).  That’s basically known as Steps 1,2, and 3.   But don’t stop there Step 4 is a powerful and revealing Step to recovery and one that will set you free – free to be blessed with all who share this wonderful program.


9 thoughts on “Just Another Alcoholic

  1. “Well, this looks like Motley crew”!

    I used to use this expression quite often when I entered a meeting and I first thought it was a semi-derogatory term; then I looked it up.
    Like a lot of other words in everyday usage, I looked it up.
    I found out among other things it means varied and interesting.
    It is also “: made up of many different people or things, a motley crowd, a motley collection of junk”.
    It’s nearly always a “hoot”.

    I’m Motley Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. Step 4 was the step I feared so much and it took me some deep soul searching to finally get those dark secrets out. My sponsor worked with me and helped me lay the foundation for honesty open and willingness with my HP so I could come out of my soul sickness. And the rest of the steps came easier for me as I knew I had stepped on to a path of recovery if I just lived one day at a time in sync with the suggestions of the big book in aa. Thank you to the program of AA and it’s members!

  3. Top of the morning motley family,
    Step 4 is a journey to find / seek out whom I’m not.
    Step 4: discovery of the denial of the denial
    Since day one of recovery, I had it in a cold heart what I wanted to hear.
    Since day one of recovery, I have it in my warm heart to hear what I really need to hear.
    And, if I don’t mix with others in this fellowship;
    where am I to hear what I need to hear.
    where am I to see what I need to see
    where am I to digest altruism….
    where am I to hear the message of hope…
    Today, I don’t require Dr. Feelgood
    Today, I can replace my hand in His hand; just for today….

  4. I’ve learned a lot in AA. For the past few days, I’ve been cultivating a negative view of AA and thinking of the constant work on “character defects” as self-flagellation. I had a nice resentment building. However, upon further review through some readings and online meetings, I realize that the goal is HUMILITY and a humble attitude is really the best way to go through my day. I stopped fighting. Now…the trick is to not forget. LOL It’s a wonderful program!

  5. Had a wonderul unch with two oldtimers from my beach group today. We had a wonderful time as i have note been to the beach group in awhile. Was always getting parking tickets. LOL. We were discussing step 4 and the 3 of us agreed that it was not that difficult. I was beginning to think maybe i was not doing it right. I went through it with 3 different sponsors. We all agreed It is 6 and 7 that takes some working on and awareness. Anyway i believe the steps are never finished. Like life its not a destination but a journey. There are aleays ups and downs in life. My son is 22 and going through growing pains. We are very co dependent and we are both aware of it. I tried to get him to go to an ACOA meeting. We drove up but he just couldnt get out of the car. I dont believe in forcing people. He will be ready when he is ready. He is in a much better mood today then yesterday. He is starting to get interested in his room and starting to paint it. Creativity helps our soul. Boy i jumped all over this “motley conversation”. LOL Love Tree.

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