More About Responsibility

I learned in early recovery that “they” were not responsible for my actions, and I quickly grabbed on to the idea that my alcoholism did it all.  There is no doubt that most of my bizarre, tacky, sleazy, etc., behavior was done under the influence, but not all of it.  Today, I try not to take responsibility that is not mine, and to assume the responsibility that is mine alone.  I am responsible for my own feelings and behavior; and I have to quit looking for other people, places, and situations to blame.  The buck stops here!
I am grateful today.


3 thoughts on “More About Responsibility

  1. Well it’s 5:22 AM and I have been awake a couple of hours now and I have perused the World Wide Web to a limited extent and read several commentaries on a central theme which has captured my interest.
    I have about forty-five minutes now to kind of wrap up this morning time of focused devotion towards this idea which has been with me morning after morning and day after day for a few decades now.

    To Know Him More Clearly.
    To Follow Him More Nearly.
    And to Love Him More Dearly.

    Since I know this God of my understanding is totally unfathomable I want to declare the joy of tossing the line into the depths of the unfathomable.

    So that being said I am happy to see God in this exegesis of American Pie, this beloved anthem of the 60s.


    It brings me to reflect on being a child of the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and so on.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. Good morning folks. Good to be aware. Cleary nearly and dearly, I too strive for this.I’m also reminded this morning that alcoholism isn’t the only affliction in the world with shades of blue shining on the Whitehouse today. It’s Autism awareness day so I’m thinking of all the parents and children I know with whom have had to deal with this disease, Now while watching the news this morning I’m also reminded of many other tragic deaths. So I ask him for knowledge of his will forme today and the power to carry that out. Grateful for another day

  3. I have to look for my part, my responsibility, in my actions if I am to be fee of the past. I am also responsible for helping those who are still suffering and looking for answers.

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