Initially my ego got in the way of making any progress in recovery.  At the urging of my sponsor I worked the Steps, and found that I not only wanted sobriety, but I also desired serenity and a true sense of peace and contentment.  I went to meeting after meeting, listening to others talk about their journey to the tables, and came away from those meetings knowing that I had a lot to learn.  A.A. is not a crash course in abstinence, it is a lifelong process of change and growth.  It is the development of a relationship with a Higher Power, whom I choose to call God.  It is the willingness to be open to new ideas, new behaviors and new solutions to old problems.  Willingness is faith in the spiritual, and giving the idea of different behaviors a chance to be considered as possibly an answer to my “problem.”  It’s taking the time I need before making a decision, and asking myself the true test – “is this for the benefit of just myself – or – is it for the benefit of others, as well?  Am  I working towards my own recovery that I might then be of some use to others as we all travel on this road to a “happy destiny?