In the Program we are taught to work on changing our behaviors, and to step up for service positions when needed. We are also taught that we need to pass on to others what we have been given.  Those that are “newer” to recovery also need to learn from those who have been in the Program for a longer time. Service to others is an excellent teacher, and has helped me to have more self-control, and to let go of my self-centered behaviors.  Alcohol is but a symptom of the disease we call alcoholism.  Today I strive for improvement of patience, integrity, and honesty to name a few of my hoped for behaviors.  With the help of others, my Higher Power, and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I endeavor to change, to grow, and to become who He wants me to be.  I’m learning new lessons every day, I am a part of a whole.  I work to pass on to others what I have learned.  I do this when I go to a meeting, when two or more of us get together for any purpose – I am part of a family, my A.A. family. (Can everyone say a special prayer for our Mags today please? She asked for a special intention-Thank you)