I find that when I am searching for patience, what I am really looking for is acceptance.  I accept that I am stuck in traffic and will be arriving late.  I accept that I have no control over the behavior of others, and either accept or reject another’s actions.  I accept that the checkout lines in the grocery store are long, especially on the first of the month.  I accept that I feel impatient at times with much in life, especially when I wait an hour to see a doctor for ten minutes. When I accept that my needs will not be met in my time frame, I understand why it’s important to “practice” patience; which I find to be an interesting proposal.  For me, patience is learning to control my feelings – and I do this by accepting life on life’s terms.  The Program has a lot to say about patience, which can be described as surrendering to all those emotions that come forth when I lose control of my time.  “I want what I want, and I want it NOW” is the lament of those that are impatient.  It is also the rant of the child still within us all.