Be Patient

I find that when I am searching for patience, what I am really looking for is acceptance.  I accept that I am stuck in traffic and will be arriving late.  I accept that I have no control over the behavior of others, and either accept or reject another’s actions.  I accept that the checkout lines in the grocery store are long, especially on the first of the month.  I accept that I feel impatient at times with much in life, especially when I wait an hour to see a doctor for ten minutes. When I accept that my needs will not be met in my time frame, I understand why it’s important to “practice” patience; which I find to be an interesting proposal.  For me, patience is learning to control my feelings – and I do this by accepting life on life’s terms.  The Program has a lot to say about patience, which can be described as surrendering to all those emotions that come forth when I lose control of my time.  “I want what I want, and I want it NOW” is the lament of those that are impatient.  It is also the rant of the child still within us all.


4 thoughts on “Be Patient

  1. One of the meanings given in the dictionary for Patience is “to suffer”.
    The long version of the serenity prayer states, “Accepting Hardship As the Pathway to Peace”.
    That is that word; ACCEPT.
    As you pointed out childishness has a terrible time during this; for ego it is virtually impossible.
    Our wonderful program tames ego much to its remiss.

    I still hate to wait “too long”.
    For me most this time it’s over thirty minutes.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. Happy Saturday. Another beautiful spring day. I have taped on my bathroom mirror the following to remind me;
    From NA. The way we react to people places and things:
    Negative. Positive
    Resentment. Past. Acceptance
    Anger. Present. Love
    Fear. Future. Faith
    Lets have a great weekend even if we have to wait or get angry. I will pray that G-d gives me a positive spin on any negative emotion today. Love Tree

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