I have learned much from my friends about sobriety, recovery and what it means to be a friend and to have friends.  With friendship comes responsibility, and rather than just move on when my feelings get hurt or I disagree with others, I have learned the value of revealing my feelings with a view to working out any differences that may be affecting the friendship, negatively.  I try to afford others that which I desire.  We are each unique and have our own opinions, beliefs, and ideals.  True friendships allow both of us the freedom to have our differences, and yet remain friends.  I am still working on being a good friend and I’m learning how to be a good friend from the many blessed relationships.


5 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Friendship is important to me, when I was drinking and out there I thought everybody was my friend at the bar, or in what I thought was a socially acceptable place
    When I started into recovery, not drink8ng each day I begin to think where did my friends go, I could not realize we were all going down a different path so my toxic mind and my ego dissed them , and blew them off. Now today I am not so nearly critical of my new and old friends. I am so grateful I can accept them and more importantly have an inventory check list to see if it was I that got in between my friends relationships. That inventory is based on the principles of honesty, willingness, acceptance, and love of God and the people around me. Thank you ! Sister Mary B.

    • That is so true KT. When I didn’t have anything at the bar, I didn’t have friends. But when I did, my friends were everywhere, Lol. Grateful for that inventory check list(the principles) and grateful for the friendship I have with you. Blessed for sure ❤

  2. Top of the morning family,
    The world today through technology shows/ tells us that we are more connected than ever before with others. We have the internet, iPhones, Facebook, Skype, i.e.… If the truth be known, people are feeling lonelier even with all this connectivity.

    As I watch tv commercials, I’m viewing, (probably paying better attention) more and more ads regarding anxiety and depression. When the spiritual malady is overcome; we straighten out mentally and physically. Today, I’m learning that the affliction of more is self being cut off from the Sunlight of the Spirit. When my heart is aligning with His direction- self worth / self esteem manifests itself. I’m a child of His kingdom. This spiritual battle rhythm takes the focus of me. Today, it’s not about making/forcing my ego so that people will like me or to make people happy. It’s only through His grace that I’m able to ford/build relationships with others. Today, my spiritual posture allows me to focus on someone else with charity.

    As the song by, “The Hollies” perfectly goes:
    He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother….

    It’s a good day to have a good day.

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