Learning to forgive myself enabled me to forgive the wrongs done to me, by others.  When I took a good, hard look at my drinking life, I found that others in the Program also suffered from their behavior, and had patterns of decline that were similar to mine.  Who was I not to forgive those behaviors that I, myself, had perpetuated, when I could clearly see the similarities in the behavior of others.  Willingness became the key to forgiveness.  I became willing to recognize my own liabilities. I became willing to admit the exact nature of my wrongs.  I became willing to acknowledge my part in the mess my life had become.  It was not the fault of others, it was not the fault of  my disease – it was the combination of a lack of a spiritual belief and the willingness to do something about it. Willingness was the answer.  I simply started doing things that were the opposite of  what I used to do.  Where I had lied, I became honest in deed and word.  Where I had cheated, I worked to be generous in thought and action.  And so it went. The God of my understanding guides me and loves me.