Coming to a place of being able to love others and myself has helped me to get out of the isolation that I felt when I was drinking. I never have to feel alone again and if I do it is usually me that has stepped back. A.A. is always there, as is the God of my understanding. I can’t say that I never isolate because I do on occasion. Every once in awhile I take some time to spend alone in my home, always knowing that I have options to change if I choose to do so. I can pick up that phone and talk to another recovering alcoholic. I can go to a local meeting and see old friends there. I can go to a meeting in a nearby town and make some new friends. I can go to an upcoming conference where I shall find friends, both old and new. It’s up to me to decide for this day, this time, just how open and friendly I want to be. For the most part I am open to new relationships, and work to retain those friendships already established. I have not forgotten how important it was to my recovery to be welcomed by others. They made me feel like I found my “home” and I have. ❤