While in the disease, most of the goodness I tried to do was for ulterior motives. It was only in recovery that I learned to give unselfishly and without strings to help another. In doing so, I have found happiness beyond measure. I can create my own happiness in the service of my Higher Power and other alcoholics. I can make the promise of a “new happiness and a new freedom” come true.


7 thoughts on “Goodness

  1. “Of myself I am nothing, God above does the work”.– Big Book and Others.

    I must admit I have always been kind of confused about this for it seems there’s nothing for us to do.
    I certainly don’t agree with that.
    I look on this relationship with God as I understand him as sort of like a partnership but certainly he is the Senior Partner..

    Meditation for the Day

    God’s eternal quest must be the tracking down of souls. You should join Him in His quest. Through briars, through waste places, through glades, up mountain heights, down into valleys. God leads you. But ever with His leadership goes your helping hand. Glorious to follow where the Leader goes. You are seeking lost sheep. You are bringing the good news into places where it has not been known before. You may not know which soul you will help, but you can leave all results to God. Just go with Him in His eternal quest for souls.

    Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I may follow God in His eternal quest for souls. I pray that I may offer God my helping hand.

    • Harry, thanks for citing your sources. Wish everyone did. It is a simple program of rigorous honesty. Amen and amen.

  2. Our primary purpose, to carry a message to other alcoholics. May I bo service today to do his bidding. Hopefully and prayerfully he will let me know what that is today or how I may be of help I am a seeker today more and more so each and every day.

  3. People can and do recover if they have the capacity to be honest. I need to turn that honesty spotlight on myself. Finding others faults, watching the other persons actions instead of “cleaning my side if the street” does not help my recovery. Love and tolerance is my way of life today.
    I am grateful for this site and all who stand and serve.

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