Patience With Ourselves

Patience with myself, patience with life and patience with others – these are all important in my new life of sobriety. I am learning to allow others the opportunity to be of service, and my ego is learning that the world will survive without my input and effort! 🙂 Asking for help has never been my strong suit, but I am learning that it can be the very thing I need to do. My ego is adjusting to this new situation of being needful. Aging is a reality, one that requires adjustments of all sorts. Patience with myself and others is often part of that process, and one that I am continually facing. So, for now, I will “downsize” my service commitments and work towards a “balance” that benefits both me and others, including the Fellowship of A.A. I will strive to embrace each day, and look to accomplish those tasks that are needed for this day, this here and now.


2 thoughts on “Patience With Ourselves

  1. Be patient with yourself and others, God isn’t finished with us yet. – Old saying.

    Harry, grateful alcoholic.

  2. The population of the earth is 7.5 billion. There must be a lot of Alcoholics who don’t visit this wonderful website.
    Harry, grateful alcoholic.

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