Let Go and Let God is a popular saying in the Fellowship, and it speaks to my past unwillingness to rely on God.  I believed that I was the “master of my own fate.”  Today I know this to be untrue.  I am in the hands of God, and I believe that He has a plan for me.  I have to relinquish the reins to my Higher Power, and allow my life to unfold as He wills it, not as I would have it.  Control is an illusion that can create it’s own set of problems.  It’s like banging my head against a brick wall, the wall will be fine but my head will take a beating.  Letting God take the reins gives me a “partner” in life, one that can be of help to me in my quest to recover from the deadly disease of alcoholism.  My part is to give God time to respond to my prayers, time to help me come to an understanding of what His wishes are for me.  Time to practice the Spiritual Principles, time to work the Steps, time to honor the Traditions, and time to accept God’s word as the way. The way to the right path. The path to a Happy Destiny.

Photo Courtesy of Rocky