I have strong emotions, and I work to control what comes out of my mouth.  Sometimes I’m successful with this, and sometimes I’m not.  Working the 9th Step means that I have learned to own my behavior, both the good and the bad.  I have learned to make amends, and I do so as soon as I can.  There is no magic to working the Steps, but there are changes that can best be described as “magical.”  I try to listen to my emotions and learn from them.  Most often I find the solution to my problems in the Steps, and have come to understand that much of what needs to be changed within me is my behavior – which will result in changes in my feelings and emotions.  I know that I don’t have to react to every emotion I feel.  Sometimes I can search for the reason behind the emotions:  I am angry because someone discounted my problem, so my ego got hurt a little.  I have to stop and ask myself “How important is it?”  In view of my present state of mind and growth in the Program, I think it’s safe to say that I have grown into an adult and no longer just react as a child.