Redirecting my thinking by taking some sort of action is key to controlling my anger, for me.  I used to hold on to anger, and I would spend my time justifying my anger with a “how dare they” attitude. When I accept my feelings, and know that I can change those feelings by taking some action, it lightens my burden.  Anger can be all consuming for me, so I focus on what I can do, not on what I can’t.  I cannot control the behavior of others, nor do I have to take their opinion of me as being right, wrong or indifferent.  Understanding where the anger is coming from is paramount to controlling anger.  Getting into action redirects feelings, and allows a release. Instead of ranting and raving, find the time and place for a few minutes of meditation and prayer.  Rather than letting anger be consuming, reach out to another who is in need of some small service, like a ride home.  Getting out of self is a giant step towards understanding and acceptance of emotions and feelings.