The Fourth and Fifth Steps have enabled me to fully commit to recovery.  Taking a good, honest look at myself was never an easy thing to do, but over the years I have found that it was these two Steps that gave me the solid foundation recovery is built on.  Honesty was probably one of my biggest shortcomings, and it is one that I continue to work on, daily.  I ran on an inflated ego for many years, and treated all around me poorly.  Humility was sorely lacking in my world, and serenity was merely a word I heard once in a while, until I came to the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.  It is through this program of love and understanding that I have been able to claim anything even remotely resembling serenity.  Today, I can honestly say that I have been truly blessed with a feeling of being at one with God, and my fellows in the Program.  Taking stock of my life, my spiritual life, has truly been the key to opening the gate to sobriety, peace of mind, and acceptance of myself as a sober alcoholic.