There is much in the way of literature in the Program and it is strongly suggested that newcomers use this plethora of literature available.  This continued “working” of the Program is one way of establishing a firm foundation in recovery.  Remaining open to new ideas and new ways of living is an essential part of becoming a sober alcoholic.  Much of my disease, alcoholism, has been about my poor behavior.  I treated myself and others poorly, I abused and neglected family and friends.  There are many lessons, and insights and when I can become open and willing to learn new ways of behaving and new ways of thinking, my recovery will progress.  I have had times of frustration and confusion but they are usually followed by insights and understanding.  Progress, not perfection, is my goal.  One Day at a time, One Step at a time and One Lesson at a time, that’s my goal, and with the help of my Higher Power and my friends in the Program, I shall maintain and sustain recovery.(I’m on a road trip with my grandbaby. The blessings of sobriety)