The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking.”  That’s Tradition Three.  A.A. is inclusive, not exclusive.  We accept all who want to stop drinking.  We do not place any requirement on their social, mental, spiritual or physical status.  Our primary purpose is to stay sober, and help others – regardless of financial status, race, educational level, or our past experiences.  Helping others by serving as an example is far more educational than “teaching” others, in the traditional sense.  We simply relate what our experience has been in the Program, that others might then see the benefits of  recovery.  It takes an honesty that is new to most of us, and an acceptance unfamiliar to many.  This openness of mind and heart is what enables the Program to reach so many.  All that is needed is a “desire” to stop drinking – most of us had that the minute we walked through the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous.