The Program is designed to be practiced one day at a time.  This was absolutely essential for me.  The idea of NEVER drinking again, of giving up much of my behaviors and feelings, was major – but when practiced using the twenty-four hour concept I began to believe that I could manage.  I had to take the Program slow, as there was much to change in my behavior, not to mention my whole belief system.  Working the Steps was a major help in managing my patience, I had to take the Steps in order and I had to complete the one I was working on before going on to the next one.  It set a tempo for me and I began to understand the reasoning behind such urgings.  This was not a Program from which I would “graduate” it was a life-long process of change and growth.  My enthusiasm eventually moved to a pace that matched my ability to comprehend the changes I needed to make.  The Program began to make sense and I realized the “why” of it.  I began to let go and let God direct my path.