My ego gets out of line from time to time and taking a few minutes to review behavior can reveal just where I was wrong.  If I get to a point of thinking that I know better than others, it’s time to take a look at where I’m going or what is my purpose.  I can be defensive and today I know that comes from ego.  The Program teaches me much about my ego and humility.  Remaining “right size” is important for relationships and behavior in general. Ego can be a good thing, but too much of a thing can turn that “good” to “bad.”  I am but a small drop of water in a vast sea.  I am just one among many. Ego can be a character defect just as much as it can be an asset. It all depends on intent.  Am I using ego to prove rightness or am I using ego to improve balance with those old feelings of never being okay.  Honesty is an essential part of gaining an emotional equilibrium.  I am no more nor less than others. I am exactly as God made me.