Reality Check

 I am comfortable in my own skin today and while I know I am not the smartest, nor the prettiest, nor the richest, I am simply myself.  I have learned to allow others to be themselves and I know it’s not my place to judge.  I choose who my friends are and I share much with them.  Sharing my deepest feelings is something I continue to work on, but I no longer try to cover them up as being wrong or bad. They are simply my feelings and I am grateful that I can stand in my own truth.  I accept the person I have become and know that I am still becoming – day by day.


7 thoughts on “Reality Check

    • We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. – Promises from Big Book– AA

      Sometimes someone might say to us, “Don’t you feel like it’s about time?”

      After all doesn’t it tell us that we think God wants us to be happy, joyous and free?


      What can you see of existence’s attempt to honor you, when you keep turning back to a time where some event you seemed to take part in may cause you to lower your head, and whisper again… I am sorry?
      We are waiting for you to arrive at your own coronation, but you really can’t accept the crown with any regrets in your past.
      Where does that then leave you… in line for the throne?
      What can you see of every object’s attempt to pay homage to you, because of your divine lineage, if you are stuck in any kind of confessional?
      All happenings needed to be; accept that, my dear.
      Ask for any forgiveness one more time if you must, ask for forgiveness one more time if you must, then move on to your glory and sublime reign.

      Hafiz. A Year with Hafiz (a poet from the fourteenth century).

      It is true that as a general rule we should stick to our material in the Big Book etc. but we are not limited to it and this absolutely is part of my ESH.

      I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  1. A humble person does not have to be concerned with being “comfortable in thier own skin”.
    They just are!

  2. In my own skin! Yes!

    It did not feel like mine before. That is definitely the case. I never felt comfortable. Now, on occasion, I have that “handling situations that used to baffle me feeling” and what’s more, I’m one man, united!

  3. Top of the afternoon family,
    – What troubles are preventing my peace / harmony?
    The world offers positions of life, possessions, and people. The world will take all of these at some point. Sooner than later.
    Divine Mercy offers His word of truth. He never takes away; but provides the more that our spirit craves.
    Life will bring bitterness
    His love / mercy brings the sweetness to life.
    It’s a good evening to have a good evening.

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