The Legacy’s

We have Three Legacies in A.A.: Recovery, Unity and Service.  Legacy is defined as ‘something transmitted from an ancestor or from the past.’  In other words it is what we pass on to others; our very Program, as written and designated in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Recovery is but a beginning, but it is the basis of A.A.  Unity is the combining of our “fellows” in the form of groups, and in our efforts to keep the Program “alive,” that it will be there for future members.  And lastly, but not in the least is Service – this is what keeps the doors open for the newcomers.  We are self-supporting through our own contributions, and it is through this spirit of service that we pass on what has been given to us.  I am blessed to be sober.  I can claim this sobriety through the Program, and following the Steps I come to Step Twelve which reads thusly:  “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.”


2 thoughts on “The Legacy’s

  1. Thank you Sister.
    Something about this helps me have a sense of trust.

    So I come this morning exploring the deep comfort of trust.

    At my little lakeside cottage on Lake Sinclair I also have an out building which is used mostly for storage.
    Yesterday I went there to rummage around a bit and find some clamps to hold two boards I was securing will some deck screws and as I approached the entrance door a bunny rabbit on seeing me approaching hopped away.
    I said, that’s a pretty little bunny.
    Just then some motion attracted my vision and under the building a pretty large snake head and about a foot of his body was apparent. On seeing my presence he quickly withdrew under the building. Of course I was a little frightened but my quick judgment was that it was not a poisonous snake and his behavior indicated that he just wanted to be left alone so that’s what I did.
    I went on into the building and found what I was looking for, resecured the door and went on about my business but I don’t like the idea of snakes being under my building and dispassionately using it as an ambush station to get any little bunnies that might come hip- hopping along.

    So I’m looking into snake control measures which is actually good common sense living in a snake attractive area such as lakeside at Lake Sinclair.
    All the snake control advisors first of all say to try to do everything to prevent being attractive as a snake lair so number one I think the best idea is to use some type of barrier such as a fine screening around the 6 to 10 inch elevation of the building after of course doing something to scare the critters away before.

    This has served also to put me on alert for snakes on the premises.

    I have worse intruders if I don’t have trust that my Higher Power who I choose to call God to be omnipresent (always with me).

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

    • Harry thank you for your post, I am glad I did not see the snake, I would be in another part of the world. I remember Lake Sinclair, we lived near there along time ago.
      I like the perspective of worse intruders and the expression of faith. Thank you for your posts each day

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