Endure Or Enjoy

Since ive been sober I have learned to survive, and beyond that I have learned to live a life of enjoyment, peace and contentment.  I have learned much from the Program and turn to it and to my Higher Power, whenever the insanity of life claims a place in my brain.  I am grateful for A.A. as the Program helps me to not only remain sober but to enjoy a life unlike anything I have ever known.  I am blessed to be sober, to know that my life today is not just something to be endured, it is something to be enjoyed.


2 thoughts on “Endure Or Enjoy

  1. The Crowning Glory of the Spiritual Exercises

    The death of the empirical self is the crowning glory of the Spiritual Exercises: that a person’s self-love, self-will, and self-interest have merged into the will and the interest and the love of God as we understand him.

    As long as we can live this for a few moments, for a few hours, for a few days, we have become contemplatives in action.

    So it is really a mystical grace. We cannot produce it, but we can dispose ourselves for it by loving God. —Anthony de Mello, SJ, Seek God Everywhere

    A … There we were alcoholic and could not manage our own affairs.
    B …That probably no human power could have relieved our alcoholism..
    C … That God could and would if he were sought.

    Harry, grateful alcoholic

    • Grapevine Quote

      May 26
      “AA is not a separate country, cut off from the mainland of the real world; it is the schoolroom I missed somewhere along the line … a treasure house of other people’s experience, strength and hope.”
      Norman, Okla., July 1992
      “Out of This World,”
      AA Grapevine

      Since I don’t know it all yet I think I’ll just “keep coming back”.

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