The Power Of Faith

There is lots of literature available through the Program, and it never hurts to enlarge my understanding of this disease. It is a disease of heart, body and soul.  The better I understand the disease, the better my knowledge of what I can or cannot do.  Knowledge can be powerful, yes, but faith and knowledge together form an amazing pair.  I know that the stronger my faith, the stronger us the program of recovery.  There are many forms of action I can take to deepen my resolve to remain sober.  The basics are working the Steps, attending meetings, reading the literature, prayer and meditation, having and using a sponsor, believing in and accepting a God of my understanding. We each develop our own form of recovery, no two of us are exactly the same.  That diversity enables me to learn from all others, regardless of their definition of the Program. Our goal, our heart’s desire is the same – to stay sober and help others.

Photo Courtesy of Jaybird


2 thoughts on “The Power Of Faith

  1. Top of the morning family,
    – Where is my faith today?
    Am I seeing what He wants me to see..
    Am I hearing what He wants me to hear..
    Am I feeling what He desires me to feel..

    After reading the book, “The Shack”
    Had the opportunity to see the movie last night.
    There was a scene that I came to understand Him a little more- judging.

    It’s a good day to keep my eyes on Him day.

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